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The one and only packet in your capture with an Ethernet type of 0x0e00 has, following the Ethernet header:

  • AA AA 03, which would be the DSAP, SSAP, and control field (Unnumbered Information) of an 802.2 header, with AA meaning SNAP;
  • 00 00 00 00 06 00, which would be the OUI if it were a SNAP frame, but which is also a big-endian value equal to 1536, which is 18 bytes more than the maximum Ethernet frame size counting the FCS.

This was, I assume, a capture on a Wi-Fi network; it may either be that 1) the device in question is transmitting bad packets or 2) the hardware and software that's turning Wi-Fi packets into "fake Ethernet" packets is mangling some packets.

The mere fact that the host with the MAC address 68:b3:5e:18:cf:4e happens to be transmitting, among other things, ICMPv6 packets doing Neighbor Discovery does not, in and of itself, mean that the one 0x0e00 packet it also transmits has anything whatsoever to do with ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery.