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Note sure if it fits this description but here we go:

More of an error to me with Health level 7 protocol, and it turns out that Health level 7 protocol is kinda error prone because if you turn on the checkbox "Display raw text for HL7 message", Wireshark v3.0.0 will throw an error saying in a CMD debugger "Err Preference tcp.port has already been registered". I dont know if other verisons do this as well either but its been an ongoing issue ive found.

Now, I found a fix to that thankfully. Going to the preferences file in appdata WITHOUT having wireshark launched, and goto (or find) the text where it says this: "# Specifies that the raw text of the HL7 message should be displayed in addition to the dissection tree TRUE or FALSE (case-insensitive) hl7.display_raw: TRUE" << please change that to FALSE in order to get rid of the error and debugger. << That will need fixing in the future.