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Is there a way to capture packets on 2 or more interfaces at the same time?

If you select more than one interface in the Capture > Options dialog, and start a capture, it will capture on all of those interfaces simultaneously. Unfortunately, it appears that the selection mode is broken, so you can only select a contiguous set of interfaces, not just the interfaces you want. If you truly want to capture on all interfaces, that won't be an issue.

You might want to avoid capturing on every interface in the dialog, as that might involve capturing raw USB traffic (this is NOT necessary if one of the interfaces in the dialog happens to be a USB device, and will give you extra traffic that may just get in the way) or on one of the "extcap" devices, such as the "randpkt" device which just generates several random packets for testing purposes.

On Linux, there's also an "any" device on which you can capture; it will capture on all interfaces, including interfaces that don't exist yet. :-) For example, if a new adapter is plugged into the machine, an "any" capture will capture on that once it's attached to the networking stack.