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Retransmissions shouldn't be treated as "errors" in the sense of "error packets" - "error packet" refers to ICMP/ICMPv6/etc. packets, where some or all of the packet that caused the error is included in the error report packet; that preference causes the TCP dissector to check whether the TCP segment it's dissecting is part of an error report packet and, if so, not to hand the packet to sub dissectors.

If changing the setting of "Do not call subdissectors for error packets" makes a difference in the way your trace is dissected, that should only be due to the packet in question being in an ICMP/ICMPv6 error report. If that's not what's happening, file a bug report on the Wireshark bugzilla.

If the TCP dissector is treating a TCP segment that's not in an ICMP/ICMPv6 error report, and that contains some retransmitted data plus some new data, as not containing any new data to be handed to subdissectors, that's also a bug; if that's happening, file a bug report on the Wireshark bugzilla.

Please attach a sample capture file that exhibits the problem to any bug you file. (Sample capture file, not a screenshot of the Wireshark dissection of the file.)