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The manufacturer database is generated by a script; the comment near the beginning of the script says:

Make-manuf creates a file containing ethernet OUIs and their company IDs. It merges the databases at IEEE with entries in our template file. Our file in turn contains entries from along with our own.

The script reads the comments at the top of "manuf.tmpl" and writes them to "manuf". It then joins the manufacturer listing in "manuf.tmpl" with the listing in "oui.txt", "iab.txt", etc, with the entries in "manuf.tmpl" taking precedence.

It's run periodically, with the resulting manuf file being committed to the Wireshark Git repository.

If the OUIs you're finding are in one of the IEEE databases, then either your manuf file was generated at a time when they weren't in one of those databases or the script isn't working correctly.

If the OUIs you're finding aren't in one of the IEEE databases, then they need to be added to the manuf.tmpl file.