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I've been having this issue too for about a year and updating to newer versions did not fix the issue. I did find if I opened Wireshark again after it hung on the first try the second attempt would load fine. I found this response on the old forum and it solved this issue for me. After following these steps I was finally able to load the new Wireshark version without issues.

"This is generally a symptom of an issue in WinPcap, the mechanism used to capture traffic on Windows. Wireshark uses WinPcap at startup to query the list of interfaces that can be used for captures.

The actual issue has never been resolved, but uninstalling Wireshark, uninstalling WinPcap, if it remains, ensuring that there is no copy of npf.sys in %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\, reboot, and then reinstalling Wireshark (installing WinPcap when offered) usually does the trick. Make sure you run the installer as Administrator, it should do this automatically, but if you don't get asked for permissions, cancel, then right-click the installer and select "Run as Administrator".

I found this response on the forum by @grahamb on