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I start a new answer for the sake of readability.

The "black lines" indicating re-transmissions are a result of your capture setup. As Christian mentioned, you can remove the duplicate packets or use a capture method that does records each frame only once. After the dupes have been removed the trace file reveals two transactions:

  • 1005 bytes from .200 to 182 in frame 1
  • A Response split over packets 5, 9 and 11 with 1, 35 and 1 byte respectively
  • Another request in frame 13
  • Another response in packets 17, 21 and 23

Look at the time differences between frames 1 and 5: the first part of the Response arrives after 89 msec. The last byte of the response is seen 185 msec after the request from .200

The second request is observed 297 msec after the first one. The timing is with 92 resp. 187 msec quite similar.

It totally depends on your application if these responses are fast or slow.