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Hello Lucas

I am not sure, if this can be sorted out just by giving advice in a forum like Still, while reading your question a couple ideas came up.

Disk Problems?

A similar question has been asked in a Microsoft forum. The forum post recommends to check the disk.

Since you use your Computer with Windows 8 it has been in operation for quite some time. So a disk failure is possible. I use the following steps to scan for disk errors:

  • Run chkdsk /f C: for an easy solution, like a dirty shutdown.
  • Check your Event Logs. The System Event Log can reveal disk and controller errors. Take your time and browse all the other event logs for other hardware related entries. I know, there are many of them. I usually filter out all the informational messages.
  • Run a diagnostic program. Some HW vendors offer the programs for download, others ship deliver the computer with preinstalled diagnostics.
  • If you experience blue screens you can find a bug check code in the System Event Log. Windows uses a ton of bug check code. Some messages will directly implicate the disk, others are less obvious: Anything with the letters WHEA would refer to the "Windows Hardware Error Architecture", Kernel Data Inpage Error can be another HW-related bug check.

Please note, that this forum cannot give further support with this.

OS Problems?

I am surprised to hear that certain games would not run under 8.1. Though I am not a gamer I have never heard of a Win 8 application or driver, which would not run on Win 8.1. Usually a minor update would get thinks back on track.

Your question did not mention, if you tried the update / downgrade recently, or if the problem existed for quite some time. Rolling back from Win 8.1 to Win 8 could leave a few messy details.

Please note that the support for Windows 8.1 has ended January 2018. Please consider an update to Windows 10. Personally, I would start with a fresh reinstallation of Windows 10.


Since you are using an unsupported version of Windows, it is possible that your computer got hit by a "drive by infection". Cyber criminals often use advertisements campaigns to spread their malware. When visiting a decent site, say a newspaper, you might be presented with an ad, that ultimately brings malware to your computer ("malvertising").

Stay away from dodgy tools!

The internet is littered with free "fix everything" tools. Stay away from them. The sites are search-engine optimized so that any query for a Windows error code or common program / driver name will bring them to the first page of hits.

These programs will not fix your problem. Instead they clutter your desktop with advertisements, mine crypto currency, send SPAM and perform other undesired things.

Stick to Windows or Microsoft tools. When I find myself in a similar situation I use the Sysinternals Process Monitor. If indeed a library is misplaced, as Jaap suggests, Procmon allows you to spot the location. I suggest reading the related blogs on Procmon.

Personal advice: Install Windows 10 from scratch

I know, that it's a lot of work. In my opinion the move to Win 10 gives you the best results:

  • Move to a supported operating system.
  • Get rid of any clutter that piled up over the last years.
  • Have fun using the latest version of Wireshark

Good luck and happy sniffing Eddi