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Several options exist to capture this traffic, each with their own positives/negatives:

  1. Android side - as mentioned with some links
  2. Other host side - if a PC, run Wireshark there
  3. Network link - either wired (usually easier) or wireless (can be harder to manage with encryption)

It's often best to NOT collect traffic on the host(s) involved to avoid having them manipulate the traffic in some way, tainting the conclusions. This would be item 3, but wireless can be annoying to deal with - hard to capture, missing data, encryption, etc.

Other host side, if a PC, could be convenient. Install a sniffer, and you are up and running in no time. No other changes needed.

Android side - if it is easy to use those apps, or if you don't have control of the server, or the network to grab traffic, then this option becomes attractive.