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To me it looks like both and is using Delayed ACK. This can be seen in all the "naked" ACKs (i.e. no TCP payload) sent by (packet 5, 8, 10, 13, 15 etc.). Make sure you create a new "Delta Time Displayed" Column in order to identify the time it takes between two packets in the capture. To do this (if you don't already know) you right-click in the column header and select Column Preferences. Here you click the "+" icon and fill out the Title field and in the Number field you select "Delta time displayed". I recommend you disable Delayed ACK. Don't know what OS you're running so I won't provide any help on this. Google is your friend here.

It also looks as if is running the Nagle algorithm. This can be seen in packet 9, 14, 19, 24. You should also look up how to disable this - but please verify that it is indeed enabled before you start changing the settings :-)

If Delayed ACK and Nagle is NOT enabled then my immediate alternate theory is that both devices are short on CPU ressources or otherwise constrained, although none of them seem to be doing much else on the network apart from this conversation, so I consider this highly unlikely.

Please do return with feedback on your findings and (hopefully) a solution.