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I solved it, it seems to compile now. Will add details later :)

I So I finally solved it, it :) I found the gryphon plugin again that's mentioned in documentation to be taken as example (which I did as I started development with Wireshark 2.2) and compared it to my current file.

There were more things to take care of:

replaced register function:


seems to compile now. Will add details later :)

be replaced by


additional paramter


has a new destination parameter

new functions

There's a two new function

target_link_libraries(protocolname epan)

you will have to add, that solved my linker errrors

replaced install function:

install(TARGETS protocolname

seems to be replaced by

install_plugin(protocolname destination)

After doing all the changes and re-adding plugin.c to PLUGIN_FILES (seems to be generated through one of the functions I was missing), the dissector worked again without any source code change - great!