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I found the answer to my issue at

For me on OSX 10.11.6 with a previously working Wireshark install, I could see there were no local interfaces listed.

I tried a reinstall over the top and then a delete and reinstall - neither worked.

I could not see any created access_bpf group having been created. I checked the permissions on the /dev/bpf* files and they were without group permissions anyway.

I could see no /Library/StartupItems script to alter the permissions.

I could not access the /Library/Wireshark directory which had : drwx------ 3 504 wheel 102 8 Jul 2016 Wireshark

I couldn't find the ChmodBPF script in the Wireshark DMG.

So as a "sort it out now and get on with life" fix I did: sudo chmod o+r /dev/bpf*

(as suggested by the article I posted) and then restarted Wireshark. I was then able to see the local interfaces.

So perhaps something is wrong with the current Wireshark builds?