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The _t types are for "C" code. There are examples of this in the Wireshark Developer’s Guide.

int32_t tag;
int32_t len1;

For lua code, see section 11.3.7. ProtoField: ProtoField.int32(abbr, [name], [base], [valuestring], [mask], [desc])

Creates a ProtoField of a signed 32-bit integer.

local logControlresp = {
      LogControlresp = "LOGCONTRLRESPONSEStruct",
      transId        = ProtoField.int32("RSYS_FAPI.logControlresp.transId", "transId"),
      nStatus        = ProtoField.int32("RSYS_FAPI.logControlresp.nStatus", "paramCnt"),