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Once I access this file (Bluetooth HCI snoop log) and then transfer it to my Windows 11 laptop computer, how do I then download that file into Wireshark

Transferring the file to your Windows 11 laptop is "downloading" the file.

Once you've downloaded the file from the phone to your laptop, you then open the file in Wireshark, just as, if you've downloaded a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, etc. from a web site, you then open it in Acrobat or Word or Excel or....

And you open capture files in Wireshark the same way that you open PDFs in Acrobat or Word documents in Word, or Excel spreadsheets in Excel or...:

  1. You may be able to open the file by double-clicking the it in a File Explorer window for the directory into which you downloaded the file. That will depend on the extension of the file's name; if, when you installed Wireshark, you told the Wireshark installer to register various file types (with a list of extensions shown), if one of those extensions is the extension of the file, double-clicking the file should open it in Wireshark.
  2. If that doesn't open the file in Wireshark, try doing File > Open in Wireshark and then browse for the file. If you find it, click the "Open" button in the "open file" dialog.