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You can make use of the Wireshark hosts file, as documented in the Wireshark man page:

Name Resolution (hosts)

If the personal hosts file exists, it is used to resolve IPv4 and IPv6 addresses before any other attempts are made to resolve them. The file has the standard hosts file syntax; each line contains one IP address and name, separated by whitespace. The same directory as for the personal preferences file is used.

Capture filter name resolution is handled by libpcap on UNIX-compatible systems and WinPcap on Windows. As such the Wireshark personal hosts file will not be consulted for capture filter name resolution.

You will also need to ensure that network name resolution is enabled in your Wireshark preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> Name Resolution -> Resolve network (IP) addresses. Note that the hosts file is a per-profile file. If you're just using the default profile, then you'd store the hosts file in your Personal configuration folder, which you can find from Help -> About Wireshark -> Folders, but if you're working within a profile other than the default profile, then you'll need to store your hosts file in the corresponding profile directory.