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The lack of captured packets is either an Npcap issue or a Windows issue, and should be reported on the Npcap issues list.

The message in question is a warning. Please mention it in the issue you file and, if possible, copy and paste it rather than retyping it.

(The message in the libpcap and thus Npcap code begins with "Unknown NdisMedium value", capitalized in that fashion, so it was retyped here. 12 is an odd NdisMedium value for a teamed Ethernet device; it appears that it's NdisMediumCoWan, which makes no sense, as it "Specifies a wide area network in a connection-oriented environment.", and Ethernet isn't considered a WAN and isn't connection-oriented, so the value may have been different as well. Knowing the correct value might help determine what DLT_ value it should be mapped to.)