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all_field_infos calls proto_all_finfos()

WSLUA_FUNCTION wslua_all_field_infos(lua_State* L) {
    Obtain all fields from the current tree.  Note this only gets whatever fields the underlying
    dissectors have filled in for this packet at this time - there may be fields applicable to
    the packet that simply aren't being filled in because at this time they're not needed for anything.
    This function only gets what the C-side code has currently populated, not the full list.
    GPtrArray* found;
    int items_found = 0;
    guint i;

    if (! lua_tree || ! lua_tree->tree ) {
        WSLUA_ERROR(wslua_all_field_infos,"Cannot be called outside a listener or dissector");
        return 0;

    found = proto_all_finfos(lua_tree->tree);

There are several examples in packet-snort.c:

    if (tree != NULL) {
        GPtrArray *items = proto_all_finfos(tree);
        if (items) {
            guint i;
            for (i=0; i< items->len; i++) {
                field_info *field = (field_info *)g_ptr_array_index(items,i);