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Is there a way to extract just the reassembled packets/conversations from the capture?

If what you really want is, for example, to have the packet summary that shows only reassembled packets at some protocol layer, rather than showing frames at the bottommost layer, there isn't any such mechanism, but it might be useful, and not just for MP2T - somebody might, for example, want to see NFS or SMB requests and replies, but not see all the individual IP fragments or TCP segments that go into multiple-frame requests or replies (and, for NFS-over-TCP and SMB, might want to see multiple summary lines if a TCP segment contains data from more than one NFS or SMB request or reply).

If that's what you'd like, you should request it as a feature on the Wireshark Bugzilla. (I know a feature like that has been discussed, but I didn't find it in any obvious place on the Wireshark Bugzilla.)