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OK, so when it comes to Trade Agreements Act compliance for software, the US General Services Administration published "Commercial Software and the Trade Agreements Act (TAA)".

That document, dated 2015, states that

The current threshold for the applicability of the Trade Agreements Act (for a supply or service contract) is $203,000.

Given that the price for Wireshark is $0, it seems unlikely that Wireshark will ever cross that threshold.

As for the "country of origin", the aforementioned document states that

Software may consist of components from various countries, and the components may also be compiled in a different country.

Wireshark has contributions from a lot of countries, including some that are not in the list of Designated Countries in that document and that are probably still not in that list. I'm not sure what "compiled" means there, but if it means "run through the compiler", I suspect that was done either in the US or a Designated Country.

I don't know whether we have any official document about TAA compliance and, given the above, I wouldn't be surprised to find that we don't; @Gerald Combs, do we have anything?