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Wireshark 3.6 and later support DoIP up to ISO 13400-2:2019. (2019 means Version 3 in header field version). 2019 is still the newest released version.

I am looking right now at a DoIP trace with Version 3 in Wireshark 3.6.7 and it shows this:

DoIP (ISO13400) Protocol
        Version: DoIP ISO 13400-2:2019 (0x03)
        Inverse version: 0xfc
        Type: Vehicle identification request (0x0001)
        Length: 0

Version 4 does not exist yet, but it will be used by "ISO 13400-2:2019 Amd1". As this is not final (as far as I know), it would be really hard to know how to parse messages, if the format might have changed or will change.

I created a MR for Wireshark Master that allow the header version 4: