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Why is my computer accessing a Apple IP Address when I did not even search for anything on or about this scanstat port.

Not all traffic from a machine comes from something you did. It could be software you installed - for example, do you have iTunes-for-Windows installed on your machine?

How would I find out more about this.

1) Do a web search for "", which is the host name corresponding to that IP address. A similar host name showed up on this question on an Apple discussion board - one answer notes, based on a VentureBeat story, that it's part of a "content distribution network" (CDN) set up by Apple to allow them to pump out a lot of data to multiple clients, and suggests that "Besides SW updates I believe it's used for syncing iTunes & other things", and another answer asks "If it is iTunes could it be Apple Music streaming radio or iCloud?"

2) it's to port 80, so it's attempting non-TLS-encrypted HTTP; if it doesn't end up getting redirected to an https:// site, so that it switches to TLS, you may be able to look at the traffic to see what it is.