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And a 200 bytes "splits" output file with some garbled content:

If by "garbled content" you mean that if you try to print the raw contents of the file directly on your terminal/terminal window/console, e.g. with cat, more, or less on a UN*X, or with type on Windows, or try to read it in a text editor, e.g. with vi, emacs, or some GUI text editor such as, on windows, Notepad or WordPad, It's "garbled" because it's not a text file and you shouldn't expect anything sensible if you try to print it out or edit/view it as if it were a text file. If you want to see its contents, use programs such as Wireshark or TShark or tcpdump.

You'll see the same sort of "garbled" content in your myhugecapture.pcapng file, as it's not a text file, either (as Editcap reports, for some unknown reason, it's a pcapng file - not even remotely close to plain text, just as pcap files are also not even remotely close to plain text.