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Hello. When you export packet dissections, if you are using the default settings, it will only pull info from the columns that you currently have. Try adding columns for the values you want and it should export. If you find a value in the packet details pane and drag that field to the column heading bar, it should add a new column with that value for you. If a value isn't correctly fetched for a column, you can also change the filter used to get that data by right clicking on the column header, clicking 'edit column' and changing the filter directly.

One little caveat that I want to mention is occurrences. If a value appears more than once in a frame, it will be listed as a single field listing the values. Sometimes the export will cut answers short and thus leave some data out. I got around this when extracting QUIC packet lengths by using occurrences in my columns. When editing a column's filter directly, you can choose a value for which occurrence to display. I just made a bunch of columns to capture different occurrences and then exported.

Hope this works for you. Best of luck.