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The packet capture was done on the server itself and I was suspecting "Large Segment Offloading" to silently split these packet into MTU size ones.

That's probably what's happening.

But is it allowed to do so with DF set?


TCP segmentation/desegmentation offloading is different from IP fragmentation; the DF bit is an IP-layer bit, saying "do not carve this IP datagram into multiple IP fragments".

TCP segmentation is the dividing of a chunk of bytes into multiple TCP segments, each of which is put into a single IP datagram; those datagrams will be MTU-sized. TCP segmentation offloading means that the host can send a large chunk of bytes - too large to fit into a single MTU-sized IP datagram - to the network adapter, and the adapter will send it out as multiple TCP segments. That single large chunk of bytes might be supplied to the capture mechanism as a single packet, but that doesn't mean it went out on the network as a single datagram.

TCP desegmentation is the reassembly of TCP segments into a single chunk of bytes to be provided to the code reading from the socket. TCP desegmentation offloading means that the adapter reassembles multiple TCP segments into a single chunk of bytes and hands that chunk to the host as a single packet. That single packet might be too large to go over the network in a single datagram, but that doesn't mean it did go over the network in a single datagram.