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HL7 will look for traffic on the defined port (Default: 2575 or other if set in the HL7 preference) and also has a heuristic dissector.

If another heuristic dissector eats the packet first then the HL7 dissector doesn't get a shot at it.
I can recreate this by enabling the dissector for rdmnet_tcp which is disabled by default.

  heur_dissector_add("tcp", dissect_rdmnet_over_tcp_heur, "RDMnet over TCP (Broker, RPT, EPT)", "rdmnet_tcp", proto_acn, HEURISTIC_DISABLE);

If I then disable rdmnet_tcp, HL7 dissects on a non-standard port.

A quick check would be to create a new profile (which will have Default settings) then exit and restart Wireshark.
Verify that the new profile is being used (right end of status bar) and then open the capture with HL7 traffic.

(Sample capture attached to 12906: HL7 protocol support)