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Try a different tool - in fact, all four EAPOLs are not required to collect the necessary keys for decryption. I was able to collect three decrypted frames with airdecap:

[email protected]:~/tmp$ airdecap-ng -l -e AP-Clusir-1 -p 2bqWIk4cRFONqpvo24We clusir8-01.cap
Total number of stations seen            1
Total number of packets read           127
Total number of WEP data packets         0
Total number of WPA data packets         6
Number of plaintext data packets         0
Number of decrypted WEP  packets         0
Number of corrupted WEP  packets         0
Number of decrypted WPA  packets         3
Number of bad TKIP (WPA) packets         0
Number of bad CCMP (WPA) packets         0