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I can't be definite about this (I haven't tested) but I would be surprised (for security reasons) if a VB guest was able to capture non-VM traffic from the hosts NIC.

I suspect the allow_all promiscous setting is only intended to allow all VM traffic, not to include host traffic, or even other traffic that may be passing the host NIC. Looking at the 3 promiscuous mode options:

  • deny - only traffic for the VM guest
  • allow-vms - only traffic for other vms
  • allow-all - all VM traffic, i.e. the superset of the other 2 options.

That you can capture the outgoing packet from the host might be allowed through the Virtual NIC because of a bug or because it meets the VNIC filtering criteria.

Regardless of the above guesses, the best place to take this up would be with the VBox folks.