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I am not aware of a plugin. Depending on your requirements, you might get away with the command line tool tshark. For starters, try this:

tshark -r "mytrace.pcapng" -T fields -e mpls.label -Y "mpls"

A few comments, in case you (or another reader) are not familiar with tshark:

  • -r mytrace.pcapng is obviously the capture file name
  • -T fields tells tshark to extract the content of certain fields
  • -e mpls.label is the desired field. This will print the whole label stack, like 21,22
  • -Y mpls is the display filter used to process the file. This makes sure, that you don't have empty lines (caused by packets without MPLS label stack) in the output.

If you want to focus on an individual label you can work with the tshark option -z

 -z io,stat,0,"COUNT(frame)frame"

Specify a filter, say -Y "mpls.label==21" to get the number of packets with an MPLS label 21.

The documentation tells me, that the command line option -q should suppress the packet decode for all lines. For a reason unknown to me, my tshark 3.4.7 insists on printing all lines, when I combine -z with -q.

Good luck