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  1. Downloaded Qt 5.15.2 and made sure I selected the 32bit version. This because the setup instructions called out for cmake with "-A Win32" option. 64 bit would work too, but if you commit to one or the other be sure to be consistent and match all the way through.

  2. Since I committed to x86 I made sure I used the VS2019 "x86 Native Command Prompt..."

  3. Wireshark 3.4.4 FAILED again, so abandoned wireshark 3.4.4 and downloaded wireshark 3.4.5.

  4. I already had the tools called out in the guide installed, so I confirmed all environment variables required by the guide were set and correct.

  5. Executed cmake and msbuild and it worked.

  6. Incidentals. I had to clear the "Platform" env var, and had to move the WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR outside of the build directory.

Question: How do you build the libs used to set the WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR env var? At some point during the trial and error phase of doing this I built the wireshark-win32-libs-3.4, but can't remember how I did it.