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I have now added 2 more files to the fileshare at!AlDOlMFUUMwVhXOLu4Halp7B6Eh2?e=MIy1Ip.. They are androidReadMail.pcapng and iphoneReadMail.pcapng. They both have a recently updated inbox with one new unread message. I start the trace just before opening the message to view it. This time the android is and the iphone is Sorry but they get new IP addrs each time I move the SIM card from one device to the other.

The Android of course is working and opens the message for me. The iphone tries to open but where the body of the email would normally be is just a message saying "This message has not been downloaded from the server."

So, now, while I wait to see if anyone has some clues for me, I will go about studying tutorials on understanding wireshark captures. I do have a good understanding of networking (even certified as CCNA a few years back) but I don't know any details of TLS negotiation or have much practice in knowing what to look for in IP packet headers.