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(There is a sample capture on the GSMMAP wiki page.)

The src and dst are defined in packet_info.h:

  address dl_src;                   /**< link-layer source address */
  address dl_dst;                   /**< link-layer destination address */
  address net_src;                  /**< network-layer source address */
  address net_dst;                  /**< network-layer destination address */
  address src;                      /**< source address (net if present, DL otherwise )*/
  address dst;                      /**< destination address (net if present, DL otherwise )*/

Then packet-mtp3.c comes along and changes them to higher protocol source and destination addresses.

  mtp3_addr_opc->type = (Standard_Type)mtp3_standard;
  mtp3_addr_opc->pc = opc;
  set_address(&pinfo->src, mtp3_address_type, mtp3_addr_len(), (guint8 *) mtp3_addr_opc);

  mtp3_addr_dpc->type = (Standard_Type)mtp3_standard;
  mtp3_addr_dpc->pc = dpc;
  set_address(&pinfo->dst, mtp3_address_type, mtp3_addr_len(), (guint8 *) mtp3_addr_dpc);

There's not much in the User's Guide on adding columns. Video here Getting Started With Wireshark - Initial Setup that covers making a new profile and adding columns.

In the screen below, I added columns for Network src addr and Network dest addr.
If that meets your needs, then the default Source and Address columns could be set to not display.

image description