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Before doing a Wireshark build from source on Debian, or on Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu, run the script that's in the tools directory of the Wireshark source tree. Pass it the --install-optional option if you want all the Wireshark features, including ones that aren't required in order to build Wireshark.

I.e., do

$ tools/ --install-optional

This will install the developer packages for all the libraries Wireshark uses, so that Wireshark can be compiled with them. Installing the standard packages isn't sufficient - that installs shared libraries that allow programs already built with those libraries to run, but it doesn't install header files to allow programs to be built with them.

In particular, you need the libnghttp2-dev to get HTTP2 support, as Wireshark uses the libnghttp2 library when dissecting HTTP2.

According to the source of, libnghttp2 - including libnghttp2-dev - is available in Ubuntu 16.04 and later.