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It depends. If the stream is encapsulated in a RTP over UDP stream it is very easy. Wireshark has some analysis tools in the Telephony:RTP menuimage description

In the attached I took the sample H.265 over RTP file at and deleted 3 frames. As you can see the RTP Streams tool shows 4 missing (apparently the sample already has a loss). You can also use the more detailed RTP Stream Analysis tool to show which frames are missing.image description

If you are sending raw UDP without a RTP encapsulation, I would still expect their to be a sequence number in the payload that you can look for missing frames. You could then write some LUA code to a delta between that sequence number and say that in the previous frame (in the same UDP stream). If the delta wasn't one, than you could flag there being a missing frame (or at least it is out of order)