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My analyis of the JPG's so far is:

  • there is packet-loss, causing SACK block(s)
  • when the first missing packet is received, the ACK jumps about 300k (frame 2267856)
  • then the sender starts sending 1 MSS at a time (I think @Christian_R is right in pointing out the Reno behavior)
  • the receiving side is using a delayed ACK mechanism, waiting for a second packet to do normal ACK
  • since the sender only sends 1 MSS at a time, it times out after 100ms before sending the ACK
  • after receiving the ACK, the sender sends 1 more MSS
  • this process repeats until all gaps in the TCP stream have filled.

But I'd like to see the full SEQ, ACK, SACK etc values (ie see a pcap) to confirm this behavior.