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I have several AMSDU in my wifi frame. Wireshark does I display all AMSDUs when frame size exceeds 262144.

"does I"? So it does display them, or it does not display them?

And are you saying that, at the link layer, you're getting Wi-Fi frames on the air larger than 262144 bytes?

Is this a limitation of Wireshark?

It's a value defined for Wireshark at compile time. The intent is to avoid, for example, having a malformed capture file that claims, for example, that a packet is large enough that allocating a buffer for it will cause (32-bit) Wireshark to run out of memory (and could even eat a large chunk of the address space, or of backing store, on 64-bit Wireshark) from causing a problem.

It can be increased (at compile time); we also have a larger value used for D-Bus messages.