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Hi, That looks like propritarry changes not following the 3GPP standard. You would have to recomple packet-gsm_a.c using your propritarry asn1 description and the nrecompile wireshark. Abstract from trunk:

SubscriberLocationReport-Arg ::= SEQUENCE {
    lcs-Event   LCS-Event,
    lcs-ClientID    LCS-ClientID, 
    lcsLocationInfo LCSLocationInfo,
    msisdn  [0] ISDN-AddressString  OPTIONAL,
    imsi        [1] IMSI    OPTIONAL,
    imei        [2] IMEI    OPTIONAL,
    na-ESRD [3] ISDN-AddressString  OPTIONAL,
    na-ESRK [4] ISDN-AddressString  OPTIONAL,
    locationEstimate    [5] Ext-GeographicalInformation OPTIONAL,
    ageOfLocationEstimate   [6] AgeOfLocationInformation    OPTIONAL,
    slr-ArgExtensionContainer   [7] SLR-ArgExtensionContainer   OPTIONAL,
    ... ,
    add-LocationEstimate    [8] Add-GeographicalInformation OPTIONAL,
    deferredmt-lrData   [9] Deferredmt-lrData   OPTIONAL, 
    lcs-ReferenceNumber [10] LCS-ReferenceNumber    OPTIONAL,
    geranPositioningData    [11] PositioningDataInformation OPTIONAL,
    utranPositioningData    [12] UtranPositioningDataInfo   OPTIONAL,
    cellIdOrSai [13]    CellGlobalIdOrServiceAreaIdOrLAI    OPTIONAL,
    h-gmlc-Address  [14]    GSN-Address OPTIONAL,
    lcsServiceTypeID    [15]    LCSServiceTypeID    OPTIONAL,
    sai-Present [17] NULL   OPTIONAL,
    pseudonymIndicator  [18] NULL   OPTIONAL,
    accuracyFulfilmentIndicator [19] AccuracyFulfilmentIndicator    OPTIONAL,
    velocityEstimate    [20] VelocityEstimate   OPTIONAL,
    sequenceNumber  [21] SequenceNumber OPTIONAL,
    periodicLDRInfo [22] PeriodicLDRInfo    OPTIONAL,
    mo-lrShortCircuitIndicator  [23] NULL   OPTIONAL,
    geranGANSSpositioningData   [24] GeranGANSSpositioningData  OPTIONAL,
    utranGANSSpositioningData   [25] UtranGANSSpositioningData  OPTIONAL,
    targetServingNodeForHandover    [26] ServingNodeAddress OPTIONAL,
    utranAdditionalPositioningData  [27] UtranAdditionalPositioningData OPTIONAL,
    utranBaroPressureMeas   [28] UtranBaroPressureMeas  OPTIONAL,
    utranCivicAddress   [29] UtranCivicAddress  OPTIONAL }

    -- one of msisdn or imsi is mandatory
    -- a location estimate that is valid for the locationEstimate parameter should 
    -- be transferred in this parameter in preference to the add-LocationEstimate.
    -- the deferredmt-lrData parameter shall be included if and only if the lcs-Event
    -- indicates a deferredmt-lrResponse.
    -- if the lcs-Event indicates a deferredmt-lrResponse then the locationEstimate 
    -- and the add-locationEstimate parameters shall not be sent if the 
    -- supportedGADShapes parameter had been received in ProvideSubscriberLocation-Arg
    -- and the shape encoded in locationEstimate or add-LocationEstimate was not marked
    -- as supported in supportedGADShapes. In such a case terminationCause 
    -- in deferredmt-lrData shall be present with value 
    -- shapeOfLocationEstimateNotSupported. 
    -- If a lcs event indicates deferred mt-lr response, the lcs-Reference number shall be 
    -- included. 
    -- sai-Present indicates that the cellIdOrSai parameter contains a Service Area Identity.