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Wifi6 is HE now, where VHT is WiFi5. If your clients and AP supports HE, wireshark can show HE modulated frames if captured properly.

All the enterprise vendors of WiFi equipment can do OTA capture (over the air) but not sure you are in the market for controller based systems. Anyway, most of these capture systems have flaws that can make them less than useful for capture purposes. Depends on the vendor and the problem at hand.

For simple host based capture, the Intel AX200 on Linux works in monitor and promiscuous mode to collect HE traffic. It is 2x2 only, but may be good enough depending on your clients. Some of the high end APs are 8x8 but I have never seen a client that capable. I saw some web info about a QCA card but don’t know if it supports monitor mode on Linux or not. Macs are usually good at capture but I don’t know if they are shipping WIFi6 cards yet. My 6month old MacBook Pro is WiFi5, 3x3.