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Does this possibly have something to do with drivers?


When you installed Wireshark (presumably after downloading it, you installed it :-)), you were asked if you wanted to install Npcap (or, for older versions, WinPcap). That's required in order to do packet capture with Wireshark (rather than just being able to read capture files captured on another machine), and it installs a driver because Windows doesn't provide a "native" packet capture mechanism the way UN*Xes do.

That driver is inserted into the networking stack, and might cause this issue.

Go to the Help menu in Wireshark, and select "About". The display should have a section beginning with "Running with...". That section should mention either WinPcap or Npcap, and give a version number.

If it's Npcap, then:

  1. you should report this as an issue on the Npcap issues list;
  2. if you uninstall Npcap (using the standard Windows UI; where this is depends on whether this is Windows 10 or not), that might fix the problem - you may have to reboot first. That will mean that Wireshark won't be able to capture network traffic, but that may be the price you have to pay.