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I couldn't reproduce that on Boring Old GNOME Ubuntu 20.04 (updated to the current version, at least according to Software Updater).

If removing the CMakeCache.txt file from the build directory doesn't work, try removing the entire build directory, recreating it, and redoing the build from the beginning.

Note that there is no guarantee that if you do a build in a directory on one platform, and then try to rerun the build on another platform in the same directory, it will work. (E.g., if you have the directory on a file server mounted by multiple machines running different OSes or different versions of the same OS, or if you have a Mac with VMware Fusion and are mounting the build directory, or something above it, on a guest Ubuntu machine using HGFS. "-Wshorten-64-to-32" is an Apple-ism, so if you've done a macOS build in that directory and then tried doing an Ubuntu build in the same directory, that could fail.)