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Ahh, okay did more research (didn't have any luck earlier).

Reinstalled Strawberry Perl and that didn't help.

I've got Cygwin installed as well and checking my PATH, Strawberry Perl paths had been appended right at the end so it appears that, even though my PERLLIB was correct, it was actually executing Cygwin version of Perl ... thus why nothing was working.

Moving the Strawberry Perl paths right to the top meant I could now "install" the missing module ... "cpan Pod::Man" ... which worked this time, saying it was up-to-date.

But re-running cmake and build still failed ... then I noticed it was still referring to the old Perl (ActiveState).

So cleared everything, fresh source code and re-ran cmake ... this time I could see it had picked up the Strawberry Perl:

-- Found Perl: C:/Strawberry/perl/bin/perl.exe (found version "5.32.0") -- Found POD: C:/Strawberry/perl/bin/pod2man.bat

And build finally succeeded! ;)