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Macbooks or Linux systems are typically the way to go. 802.11 capture on Windows is difficult.

  • Even if you can get Airpcap hardware, the performance is very limited for current capabilities in the market
  • There are commercial solutions - Omnipeek, Metageek, and others that can do some 802.11 capture on Windows
  • This is a professional tool for analysis and capture
  • Microsoft has some tools, but most (all ?) are end of life: Network Monitor and Message Analyzer.
  • Hardware based systems exist, too. Most enterprise grade wifi can do packet capture, and for low cost hardware, you could try Mikrotik products as they have some capabilities for OTA capture (over the air). There are other vendors with hardware systems - I bet Fluke has something.
  • npcap claims support for 802.11 capture on Windows but frankly it really doesn't work
  • Embedded Linux tool that can be used for capture - send data to Wireshark on Windows via SSH