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You appear to be building some version of 3.2, not the latest as seen by the 3rd party libs tag of Tag 2020-06-30-3.2. The current build (as can be seen on the buildbot output is 2020-09-14-3.2, although updating your sources to the current version is unlikely to fix your issue.

As noted, CMake is failing to find Glib2. This is normally downloaded as part of the 3rd party libs script and is part of the vcpkg-export bundle, which appears to be downloaded and as there are no errors it looks as though the expansion of the archive has succeeded.

I would suggest deleting your build directory (D:\wsbuild\326build64) and your libs directory (D:\wsbuild\wireshark-win64-libs-3.2), creating a new build dir and running the CMake generation step again.

If the generation still fails, have a look in D:\wsbuild\wireshark-win64-libs-3.2\vcpkg-export-20190318-win64ws\installed\x64-windows\bin for glib dll's.