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Actually I think this is more of a Broadcom (Broadcom bough Symantec, Symantec bought Blue Coat) support ticket issue.

I happen to know a good deal about the Blue Coat proxies and I would start with a list of things I would like to see from your proxy. But certain behaviour of an individual client still does not clarify things as wrong or even odd.

The proxy can't present data unless it got it at some time from an upstream webserver or it can provide it from cache. So I think it is rather hard to tell without exposing a great deal of information.

But the behaviour in itself is not wrong. And in this case it is the client that has the variation on when it sends an ACK. So that might tell you more about the client being not consistent. And that could just be a browser thing (I would not call it an issue).

So there is no simple answer as there is no fault and definitly not enough information to determine anything else.