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"Segmentation fault (core dumped)" g_ascii_strcasecmp: assertion 's1 != NULL'

That does not appear, at first glance, to be one of the sort of crashes that would occur from running out of memory. Most of the memory allocation in the Wireshark code is done with GLib's memory allocation wrappers, which, by default, crash on failure, rather than returning NULL, so those would be crashes in the memory allocator, not g_ascii_strcasecmp() crashes.

This is probably some other routine that can return NULL, such as a lookup routine, where the caller isn't checking for an error.

The fact that it happened with a very large file may just be due to a large file having more packets and thus being more likely to have a packet in which something that "can't happen" or "shouldn't happen" nevertheless happens.

Unfortunately, there are several calls to g_ascii_strcasecm() in Wireshark (many text-based protocols have case-insensitive keywords, and case-insensitive comparisons must be done in a locale-independent fashion, to, for example, avoid having "I" and "i" being treated as different), so, as @Jaap said, "A detailed issue report including stack trace would be the least that's needed to get an investigation started into possibly buggy code."