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In your capture the first nibble following the MPLS header is 0xd and this value isn't handled by the MPLS sub-dissector dispatching code. The value should be 4 or 6 for IPv4 or IPv6 respectively, and as it isn't, Wireshark calls the data dissector.

Looking a bit further in your capture the data following the MPLS headers appears to be an Ethernet header that then contains an IPv6 packet. I have no idea if this is a real "thing", but Wireshark as it stands won't dissect this.

There is a table in the MPLS dissector that dispatches the payload to a sub-dissector based on the label, but there is no preference or other code in Wireshark to add entries to this table that I can see.

Maybe you could raise an enhancement request to add such a user preference to allow setting the dissector to be used for a specific MPLS label.