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Setting the SSLKEYLOGFILE on the host has no effect. That needs to be activated at the end-point of the communication, thus on the app inside the emulator or at the server side.

Depending on your situation there are several possibilities.

If you can set up the SSLKEYLOGFILE inside the emulator, then you can still use the host to capture the traffic.

If you have access to the server then you may use the SSLKEYLOGFILE feature on the server side. Or downgrade to a RSA key and use that private key to decrypt the capture.

If the app who's traffic you want to capture supports a proxy then you can redirect the traffic via a proxy on the host. E.g. With Fiddler: enable “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”, activate "Allow remote computers to connect", export the CA and import the CA in in the emulator. In the emulator set Proxy to the local IP address of your computer and Port to 8888.