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In frame 117548, the client responds to the RST in frame 117547. From the ACK (13685090) it can be deducted that the clients TCP stack never saw the FIN packets (with the phantom byte) and therefor the SEQ of the RST is out-of-window (it expects a SEQ of 13685090 instead of 13685091).

You said in a trace on the client the FIN packets are visible. Analysis of the SEQ/ACK numbers on the client side might give insight of what is happening. If the SEQ/ACK numbers are the same on the clientside, then something between the capture point on the client side and the TCP stack is causing the problem.

Are you able to share the client- and serverside packet captures on a public fileshare? If there is sensitive information in there, you can use TraceWrangler to anonimize the capture files.