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A dissector for OpenWire was added to Wireshark in 2012, the Bugzilla entry is here and was released with Wireshark 1.8.

There is a comment in the dissector source about what the dissector can handle that may be relevant:

OpenWire has two wire formats :
- "loose" : more verbose, less CPU-intensive, less network-intensive (1-pass)
- "tight" : more compact, more CPU-intensive, more network-intensive (2-pass)
This dissector only supports the "loose" syntax, which is not the default.
This dissector only supports version 6 of the protocol.
It can be changed on the broker in the activemq.xml file by specifying "tightEncodingEnabled=false" :

    <transportConnector name="tcp-connector" uri="tcp://;wireFormat.cacheEnabled=false"/>

Note : The WIREFORMAT_INFO command is always sent in "loose" format.