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There are a few ways you can determine if it is inbound or outbound.

  1. By looking in the Source or Destination fields in the packet count pane (tried uploading a picture to assist in locating, but can't post pictures yet).

  2. By looking for "src" or "dst" followed by the IP Address in the details pane of a packet (src = Source, dst = Destination).

  3. Conventionally, if you are looking at the hexdump of a packet, the Source IP Address will come first, followed by the Destination IP Address.

Note: I wouldn't advise determining the orientation of the packet by using the Source or Destination port. It is very likely that common ports are used, but it's not always the case. Protocols can go over virtually any port number in the port range (e.g. HTTP over 8080 which is greater than 1024).

Hope this helps.