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What is wrong is that you throw a bunch of numbers into Wireshark and expect it to somehow magically know this is "SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 3" and dissect it. What normally happens is that packets of a GSM network are captured, e.g., on an Ethernet network, and stored in packet capture file with the type of network it was carried on. Then, based on this information, the packets get dissected piece by piece. If well formed, the packet dissection eventually will dissect this data as SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 3".

Now, is there a shortcut to this? Maybe. You would have to find out in what dissector this data can be dissected into this information, then construct a PDU to feed to this dissector and use the import hex dump feature with the Wireshark Upper PDU export encapsulation. For this you probably need to know your way around the GSM protocols.